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Each teacher-led, self-guided tour has been created to showcase the iconic sights and landmarks of the cities, all whilst offering simple directions and instructions to the teachers.

Along the way, students stop in designated safe areas (zones) where they take part in a range of fun, unique and engaging activities.

E3 Trails - Tours
E3 Trails scratch card finale

The activities are either language focussed, if the booking is for a language trip (MFL), or simply fun and engaging with a cultural reference (Enrichment),
if for non-language trips.

Students take part in the activities in teams and earn points along the way, with an exciting scratch card finale (pictured here) crowning a winning team and providing the ultimate finish to the tour.

All MFL tours are delivered in a mixture of English and the native language of the location, whereas the Enrichment tours are all in English.

E3 Trail - MFL Trails

We understand that organising and delivering great school trips can be a stressful experience for teachers, so we provide comprehensive (and multiple copies of) teachers notes that give the teacher clear and easy to
follow instructions and directions.